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For most of my adult life l have tried to avoid unnecessary exposure to petrochemicals. When Aveda first hit Australia our salon group were the first to embrace the total concept. Now we use and recommend ZENZ ALTERNATIVE both for our colour work, home hair care and styling products. This range is the "real deal" and is labelled by The Danish World Health Organisation as CLEAN & POSITIVE, free of all the nasty stuff proven to be cancer causing.

Unfortunately there is a misnomer in Australia that products labelled ORGANIC contain no petrochemicals. This type of labelling simply means the product has a minimal organic content that meets an Australian standard, it makes no reference to what else is in the product. If the public look a little closer at products using terminology such as ORGANIC and NATURAL  they would discover that 99% of these products are mostly made up of petrochemicals with a little essential oils or other natural substance such as palm or coconut oil, vitamin e or c, however not enough that it would make any real difference to your skin or hair.

A former employee has recently created an essential oil soap, called ASCENT as a tribute to my husband Frank Burgemeestre who ahead of his time created a petrochemical free shampoo and conditioner called Ascent. The range consists of Lemon Grass, Lotus Flower and Sandalwood. They are a premium blend of natural sustainable ingredients, not tested on animals and free of anything artificial, good for you and the environment. They retail @ $4.50 and will soon be followed by body washes.


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